Cutting Edge Medical Care and Transportation 

Fast Track EMS offers the highest level of care, both medically and personally. We do not view our patients as numbers on a chart or blocks on a schedule; we will always schedule your transportation with the skillful planning and best intention of being concisely on time and professional. We will never double-book an ambulance with multiple transports knowing that we can only be at one on time, we make sure you get the time you deserve.

Our vehicles employ equipment that exceeds the current standard and our employees are trained in the management of any emergency, big or small. We hire highly experienced medical providers of a wide scope and expertise level ranging from Emergency Medical Technicians to Critical Care Paramedics. Our providers receive continuing education to maintain their working knowledge and to keep them up to date on all of the leading changes in the medical field today.




An EMS Service for Any Need

  • Managed Transportation
  • Interfacility Transportation
  • Special Event Medical
  • Managed 911

A New View on Healthcare

We are a company of build from the dedication of our employees to offering a new outlook on healthcare. Rather than being about one person, changes within our company are largely decided by the employees; this allows a more progressive process and facilitates fixing problems as the people in the field recognize them instead of months later as with many of the other companies. We focus our business on the patients and methods to facilitate their best care.



 Ambulance Transportation

Medical treatment of patients requiring continued care during transport including Specialty Care Transport for critically ill patients requiring intensive treatment  such as ventilator management, Invasive Pressure Monitoring,  Specialty or critical infusions, and Intra-aortic balloon pump.

Wheelchair Transportation

Wheelchair or Ambulatory medical and non-medical transportation for doctors appointments, procedures, family events, shopping trips, transportation to a vacation location, transfers for nursing facilities, or any other type of transportation requested. Special repeat rates available for multiple trips.

Special Event Medical

Fast Track EMS offers highly trained and attentive Paramedics, Emergency Medical Technicians, and Ambulance staffing for events including races, sporting events, carnivals, event halls, or any other scheduled gatherings. Scheduling medical care can reduce insurance expense and safety of your event

Training and Certification

Fast Track EMS offers certification programs in most American Heart Association programs such as BLS for Health care providers, Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support (ACLS), and Pediatric Advanced Life Support(PALS). Please call for rates and to schedule a training event for your facility.

Community Outreach


We enjoy assisting the community in understanding what EMS providers do at work; We will gladly provide an ambulance and/or a table to show and explain EMS services and allow children and adults alike to view our equipment and vehicles. Call our dispatch center so a manager can schedule a vehicle to show at your community event, School, Church, or Public Gathering.

Community Health and Training

One of our core beliefs is in improving community health; part of this is accomplished by offering hands-only CPR classes for public groups and offering information on how to recognize emergencies and what you can do if you happen to witness or experience one. 


Improving the Field of EMS


Patients being transported require a completed Physicians Certification Statement


Download PCS


When we first started in the field of public healthcare we decided to not only try to improve the health and well-being of the public but also the providers that make our mission possible. Our providers are among the best compensated EMS providers in Virginia and much of the United States.

Our providers are privy to a full benefits package including Health and dental insurance, Vacation days, Free gym membership, Company family events, Continuing education programs, and performance based raises. Our company is constantly evaluating ways to make a more comfortable and desirable workplace. 


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