Special Event Medical Services

Fast Track EMS offers highly trained and attentive Paramedics, Emergency Medical Technicians, and Ambulance staffing for events including races, sporting events, carnivals, event halls, or any other scheduled gatherings. Scheduling medical care can reduce insurance expense and safety of your event.

Ambulance Coverage

Fast Track EMS can offer BLS and/or ALS Ambulance coverage for your event, whether you need one or many ambulances; we can offer what you need.

Incident Command

Events with larger population, larger events spread over a vast area, or events with a higher expectation of injury may require additional staffing to assist in strategic planning and coordination, management of staff, and coordination of communication. Fast Track EMS has experienced, Paramedic, Incident Commanders who can assist in making sure your event goes without any unexpected issues.

Bike Team Coverage

Our bike team can offer coverage of larger events allowing faster response; often in areas where population prevents fast response by an ambulance. This can allow accelerated evaluation, treatment, and often release without having to wait for the Ambulance to navigate the crowd. Our Bike team can be outfitted with many of the medical luxuries that the ambulance carries. 

On Site EMS Providers

Many events require either medical providers indoors or in larger quantities than the plausible need for transports. Fast Track EMS can place EMT’s or Paramedics on site to cover these needs. We are also happy to provide a medical tent as a landmark to help your patrons know where to find medical assistance.

Request for a Standby

Please call our dispatch center (757) 347-1226 for urgent requests or complete the form below and a member of our staff will contact you for planning and pricing.

Arrange Standby 

Mobile Communications

Fast Track EMS staff has access to multiple communications platforms including GPS Locating, Radio Communications, Computer based Communications, Push To Talk, and Cell Phones. Communication at events we manage is never a problem.